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We want to see your poems, opinions, and reviews

By: TJ Barney, Assistant EIC/ Web master

Calling all writers of poetry.  The Outlook is opening its doors to you.  We welcome all poetry submissions.
The best poem of each week will be selected
• Judged by Outlook staff
• Can submit multiple poems
• If your poem does not make first week of submission it will be kept in archive
to possibly be put up another week.
• Submit poem by email
• We will contact you if and when your poem will be put online

If you would like to share your opinion, we are also accepting opinion submissions.
Choosen articles will be placed under the Opinions tab on the front page.
• We will do basic edits (length and content)
• Can submit multiple opinions
• Submit opinion by email
• We will contact you that your opinion will be put online
• Not all opinions will be published

Last but not least, we are starting reviews this semester.  Our writers will be reviewing things like books, movies, and music.  Send us your reviews.
• We want you to use a 5-point system when  rating what you have chosen to review.
Bad 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5 Great
• We will do basic edits (length and content)
• Can submit multiple reviews
• Be respectful to what you are reviewing
• Submit review by email
• We will contact you that your review will be put online
• Multiple reviews of the same subject will be put on the same page
• Not all reviews will be published


If we need to change the rules, we will inform you of the changes.

Please email all submission to or by using the contact us tab on the front page.

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