The Electric Auto Association of Northwest Ohio is having there first meeting

Saturday, February 28, 2015

9:00 am to Noon

Transportation Technologies Building, room TT139
The Electric Auto Association of Northwest Ohio is the local chapter affiliate of Electric Auto Association based in Aptos, California.  Our mission is to promote public awareness and education regarding the use of electric vehicles as a clean zero-emission transportation alternative.

Our big events in 2014 included Classics on Main, Cars for Critters, and National Drive Electric Week.  These are all great events that I would like to see continued efforts and support by EAA of NWO.

Please bring your ideas to the table for this meeting!  How can we fund-raise?  Who can we approach this year?  What new contacts should we approach?  How about educational outreach programs?  …more?  Let’s all make a list and be prepared for discussion.

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