Owens partners with Dana Incorporated to provide workforce training

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Owens Community College today announced a new partnership with Dana Incorporated to provide workforce development and training for Dana’s new driveline manufacturing facility in Toledo, Ohio. The training program is anticipated to begin in the spring of 2017, coinciding with the hiring process for the facility.

“Owens Community College is very excited to partner with Dana in developing its next generation of plant employees here in Northwest Ohio,” said Mike Bower, Ph.D., president of Owens Community College. “We welcome this type of collaboration, for it demonstrates how Owens’ strength in workforce education can be deployed to benefit business throughout our region and to further promote Ohio’s economic growth.”

Owens will develop and provide custom short-term training that addresses skills required at an advanced manufacturing facility. These include aptitude in basic math functions; manual dexterity; mechanical reasoning; and training in workplace safety, fundamentals for programmable logic controller operations, and the fundamentals and troubleshooting techniques associated with automation and robotics.

“Dana is investing more than a quarter of a million dollars in this program, as we are confident that it will provide our new employees the best possible start and highest opportunity for success when they begin working within Dana’s brand-new, state-of-the-art facility,” said Kristi Hill, human resources manager at Dana’s Toledo Driveline Facility.  “Start-up and production schedules for the facility are very aggressive. With production beginning in mid-2017, we plan to hire more than 220 employees within the next year, all of whom will benefit from the training provided at Owens Community College.”

In the spring of 2017, prospective employees will be able to apply online via Dana’s career page ( and through the Lucas County Work Ready Program.  For qualified applicants, the training program will be offered at no charge to participants.  All persons successfully completing the program will receive a certificate.

The Office of Workforce and Community Services at Owens is the region’s leader in providing affordable training to allow business and industry to thrive. Training is available in almost any subject matter, including the trades, computer skills, process improvement, and certification preparation.

To learn more about Owens workforce training, please visit or call (567) 661-7357.

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